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This is session 25 of the 3D Art Direct Podcast talking about the life of Ralph McQuarrie, conceptual artist for Star Wars with John Scoleri.

John Scoleri has supported and promoted the artwork of Ralph McQuarrie, the concept artist for Star Wars through many years and more recently with the publication of the book “The Art of Ralph McQuarrie” of which he was co-author and publisher. 

The Art of Ralph McQuarrie 

He’s also exhibited Ralph’s work at a series of major events around the world called Star Wars Celebrations, clocking up lots of air miles in the process.


You can find out more about John's mission in promoting and publishing Ralph's work at the Ralph McQuarrie facebook page here:-

In this session we discover:-

- The impact of Star Wars on John Scoleri when he first saw it in 1977.

- How John first met and assisted Ralph at a convention and helped promote his work ever since.

- The story of when George Lucas first hires Ralph McQuarrie and how essential Ralph was to visualising and designing the movie with George. 

- Some of Ralph’s early briefs or instructions for his concepts. 

- What type of paints Ralph used for his work and the advantage of them.

- All about the very first production painting for Star Wars of C-3PO and R2-D2.

- The “Laser Duel” painting and this even influenced set design.

- One of Ralph's favourite paintings and why.

- Details on “The Pirate Ship in Docking Bay 94” 

- Why a  Storm Trooper and Han Solo are holding lightsabers in once concept illustration.

- Details about the concept illustrations on the battle at the Death Star.

- Whether Ralph had a preference for character artwork, landscapes or technology.

- John's story of producing "The Art of Ralph McQuarrie" book with Ralph and Lucasfilm.

- The next book promotion for Ralph’s work.


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