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3DAD 039 : Behind the scenes of the Renderosity art community with Tommy Lemon and Tim Haaksma

This is a special session of the podcast where we go in depth in learning about behind the scenes of Renderosity, one of the most well known digital artist communities and digital products stores on the web. I speak with Tommy Lemon, vice president of Renderosity and also Tim Haskasma manager of business development and marketing.

In this session we learn

- The original vision for Renderosity back when it started in 1999

- The deep history of Renderosity.

- The challenge of selling digital content in the stone age of the internet.

- All about the mission statement for Renderosity.

- Initiatives that highlight community members, artists, vendors. 

- Dig into some of the demographics of the Renderosity community

- Who are some of the longest serving staff members and what they’ve brought to Renderosity.

- The Renderosity community on Facebook?

 - How regular feedback from the community helps improve the services and website.

 - What tools are offered to vendors at Renderosity

 - Video tutorials are an important part of the Renderosity marketplace.

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