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in this session, we’re focussing on a subject to do with the exploration and colonisation of Mars, which is part of our overall theme for our forthcoming Digital Art Live magazine, where we will feature artwork on the colonisation of space. We will have at least three artists with some stunning sci-fi artwork and in-depth interviews with the artists on their work and you can get this magazine for free, which will include the PDF at and click on the “Get Started Now” button on the home page. You can also check out our live webinar events we host for training on software such as Poser, DAZ Studio, ZBrush, Vue and more.

So I was very privileged to talk to Nicol Willett the education director of the mars society and to see her enthusiasm for teaching about the opportunities for us on Mars.

In this session we learn:- 

- What is the Mars society and why it was formed

- How concept illustrations have helped in some of the Mars society projects

- What are the two most significant barriers in getting humans to Mars.

- Is it easier to colonise the moon rather than Mars?

- The new "160 mission" organised by the Mars Society.

- Nicole's view on the top two achievements of the society since it's been formed.

- How you can help the Mars Society.




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