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Welcome to Charles Taylor, product manager for Poser from Smith Micro since April of 2015. Charles has been deeply involved with Poser since 1999 and has assisted with the development team since Poser 6.  The new Poser 11 has recently been released and Charles takes us through the additions and improvements in this version.

In this session we learn:-

- How long Poser 11 has been in development.

- Whether backwards compatibility was the most key consideration for Poser 11.

- The changes in the user interface.

- Adaptions to improve workflow in Poser

- The new PBR (Physically Based Rendering) option (SuperFly).

- Rendered Caustics

- Area lights in SuperFly

- The new content shipped with Poser 11.

- The new comic book preview

- Improvements to animation

- About adaptive Rigging

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