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My guest today is Chris Hecker. An excellent sci-fi digital artist using Vue, 3DS Max and Photoshop. There’s a recurring theme through part of his portfolio of depicting futuristic large scale cities. And this is a natural response perhaps from growing up in the environment of the industrial landscape of East Germany as well being awed by the production paintings of the sci-fi movies that we all love.

Sky high

In this session we learn:-

  • Which artists and movies inspired Chris the most as he started as a digital artist.
  • How learning about concept art and matte paintings helped Chris gain some breakthroughs in his artwork.
  • How recording workflow speeds up your improvement rate as an artist
  • Creating cityscape scenes with Cinema 4D, Vue and Photoshop.
  • Use of World Machine and Xenodream
  • About being part of the Luminarium group of artists on Deviant Art
  • The making of "Come a Little Closer", "Sky High" (shown above) and "Leaving the Fields of Steel".


Chris Hecker's (Tigaer) Deviant Art

The Luminarium Deviant Art group

E-on's Vue software

World Machine

3DS Max


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