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This is session 32 of the 3D Art Direct podcast talking with Stefan Kraus on WorldCreator, a professional terrain generator including sophisticated erosion and sediment algorithms.

I would like to introduce Stefan Kraus, owner of Bite the Bytes started in 2007, a company based in Fulda, Germany that offers three tools for digital artists – “Terrain SDK”, “Shader Tool” and “World Creator” – formerly known as GeoControl and it is “World Creator” that we are going to focus on with this interview with Stefan.

In this session we learn:-

- How long has WorldCreator been around – when was it first created and by whom?  What inspired the original author to bring this software to life?

- Some terrain generators can have appear to have a steep looking learning curve with a node based user interface to cope with. Is WorldCreator different and easier to use in this respect? 

- WorldCreator uses Isolines to build landscapes. What is an Isoline and what advantages do they have in controlling the form of the landscape?

-  “controlled rivers” and the tools to create various water bodies.  

- WorldCreator has the ability to have landscapes eroded or even have “reverse erosion”

- The simulation of sediments in WorldCreator is unique to terrain generators.

- New developments for WorldCreator in the pipeline for this year.

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