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In this session Christie Knox interviews Dax Pandhi. a 3D environment specialist and co-founder of QuadSpinner. Dax has contributed to a variety of top titles for film and games, and is co-recipient of the 2014 IAWTV award for best visual effects, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. 

He is also a respected teacher and author. His students number in thousands and include top studio and indie Visual Effects talent. With 18 years in the CGI industry, Dax's innovations stem from his understanding of nature and his ability to translate those nuances to the digital platform. 

In this session we discover:-

- Dax's background and how he become involved in computer programming as well as 3D Digital Art.

- Artists who inspired Dax.

- What drew him to natural landscape creation and Eon's Vue software. 

- How QuadSpinner started and how it has evolved.

- About the Material Development Kit.

- Helios and how it take clouds and atmospheres into an entirely new place!

- World Machine and and QuadSpinner's Geoglyph toolkit for this software.

- Dax is working on Helios 1.5; but what else does he have planned?

- Dax's "Realism in Vue" book and his next book project.

- Dax's credits to the QuadSpinner team.

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