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We are privileged to interview Paul Hellard, former editor of CG Society and Ballistic Media, who shares with us his stories on his career in working across the media in filming, sound recording, editing, writing and publishing.

Toni Bratincevic, senior Environment Modeler at Blizzard Entertainment is quoted as saying:-

"I have known Paul for more than 5 years and I must say that he was one of the pivotal persons during my career helping me in so many ways to advance forward and land a job in the CG industry. As an editor of CGSociety, he did an amazing job writing very informative and interesting articles and reports on new software, interesting projects and great reports from Siggraph. The series of Expose books wouldn't be the same without Paul, his ability to keep good connections with artists and inspiring us to send our artwork to be published in these books really helped to push digital arts as a viable and recognized art form."

You can find out more about Paul and his work here:-

In this interview with Paul we learn:-

- His experiences as a camera assistant for the Kirk Douglas film “'The Man from Snowy River” 

- Going freelance as a cameraman and sound recordist 

- Working as a script editor and then picture desk co-ordinator . 

- Being the assistant editor of “Design Graphics” placing Paul in “tech heaven” where he wrote and edited feature articles, technology updates, hardware and software reviews.

- How Ballistic Media was founded and Paul's involvement in launching EXPOSÉ

- The design objectives of the EXPOSÉ series of Digital Art Annuals.

- The experience at CG Society posting feature articles, the news and managing the social media posts. 

- Paul's global view on the "game changers" of digital art over the years. 

- Those main individuals who influenced Paul as he worked in the various media industries.

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