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Greg Teegarden is a computer graphics supervisor at Digital Domain, a visual effects and digital production company based in Venice, Los Angeles, California.  

He has been in the industry for over 20 years and has worked on productions including SeaQuest 2032, The Fifth Element, Tron : Legacy, X Men: First Class, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and more recently the Oblivion movie starring Tom Cruise.  

He has been nominated six times at the Visual Effects Society for his work.

We are pleased to interview Greg in this session and learn:-

- How Greg's father, James Teegarden, who was an art director and set designer for Back to the Future II, Artificial Intelligence and E.T. influenced Greg. 

- How Greg got started professionally in visual effects.

- The experience of working as an animator on Seaquest 2032.

- The influence of Industrial Light and Magic.

- Some of Greg's earliest visual effects tools including Lightwave.

- Greg's experience on the sci-fi movie Oblivion, which starred Tom Cruise. 

- Using Terragen to create a procedural generated Earth for the opening scene in Oblivion with the Universal Studios logo.

- Some of Greg's highlights at Digital Domain.

- The benefits gained from managing production pipelines at Digital Domain.

- Some of Greg's work on Tron : Legacy as the lighting supervisor. 

- Advice from Greg for those who are looking to get into the visual effects industry.

Resources and companies mentioned in this podcast

Digital Domain : James Cameron's visual effects company -

Terragen (version 3) : Planetside Software - 

LightWave by Newtek -

Houdini by Side Effects Software -

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