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Kim attended the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Design and Illustration.

Over the years Kim has done work in the role-playing game industry applying her illustration skills for RPG games such as Engel for Feder & Schwert,  Redaktion Phantastik, and the Pegasus Spiele game—Call of Cthulhu.

Her journey into 3D Digital Art began in 2000 with Poser and started vending Poser content in 2006. 

She delves into other packages occasionally including Carrara, Bryce, Terragen and used Hexagon for modelling. She also uses GIMP, Photoshop elements and UV Mapper Pro in her workflow.

Kim Schneider can be found at Runtime DNA under the name Arki.—

In the session we discover:-

- How Kim started her passion for artwork with a single illustration of a dragon.

- Her first impressions of Poser and how she overcame early barriers with 3D digital art using this application.

- Her experiences of creative artwork in the role playing game industry.

- How she became a vendor at Runtime DNA.

- Her forthcoming live webinars at in how to create successful Poser content projects as a vendor.

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