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We welcome our interview with Larry Nemecek who is an author, editor, archivist and producer and wears these hats much of the time as a renowned Star Trek authority. He has helped provide valuable insights into the production side of the franchise, and this includes him making a great effort at recording many many interviews with the staff behind the scenes as well as the actors and actresses from the Star Trek universe.
In this session of the podcast we are interviewing Larry in particular with his newest publication “Star Trek Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library”. 
The Starfleet Stellar Cartography maps/book set (poster map set and guide book) is a team effort captained by Larry with artists Geoffrey Mandel, Ian Fullwood and Ali Ries (Reece) for an officially licensed updated set of stellar cartography maps and guide book published  by 47North and Becker & Mayer. This is out now and you can order the book at Amazon (UK website) here:-
In this session we learn:-
-How Larry's love of history has helped him map the Star Trek galaxy.
-What Larry believes will impact the reader the most when they open up the map set and guide. 
-How some awkward canon elements were properly fitted in, including squeezing in the Delphic Expanse.
-About the maps from different races of Star Trek.
-What did each of the artists Larr worked with bring to the table for this project. 
-How the Dominion War (Deep Space Nine) was placed onto the maps in a way that makes sense.
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