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We're pleased to interview Oshayn Greene, business manager at Planetside Software on the new release of Terragen 3 Professional.

For those of you who don’t know much about Terragen, I can tell you that If you like the idea of applying 3D graphics to create photo-realistic natural environments, then Terragen is definitely for you. Another upside of this software is if you go to and go to the products section, there is a free pre-release edition of Terragen 3.

In this session we tallk with Oshyan on:-

- The build-up for the release of Terragen 3 and som of the early feedback of T3 as features of it became public. 

- How Terragen 3 started. Was it based on the platform of Terragen 2, or is it a completely new product written from the ground up?

- The story of how T3 was utilised for the sc-fi film Oblivion.

- The T3 Global Illumination Surface Details option. 

- Fast and noise free depth of field in T3. 

- The new spherical camera option.

- When T3 becomes available and what will the variants of the software be?

3D Art Live is planning to create a new TERRALIVE webinar based conference for the Terragen community, this time with a focus on the new Terragen 3.

If you would like to sign up to let us know what you would like to see featured or emphasised at the conference, you can have your say at

Paul Bussey

Podcast host and editor of 3D Art Direct magazine

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