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This month's interview is with Syyd Raven who in her own right is an award winning 3D artist but has built the massive Poser centred community at Runtime DNA this community which started in 2001, with Colm Jackson and Eric Van Dycke.

RuntimeDNA is a large digital community in the 3D Poser industry. It provides a wide selection of digital content and provides a great learning environment for its members with a very active forum who are from all over the world. A large user art gallery also reflects the vibrant community.  The store boasts over 2500 products with more than 100 content creators.

In this interview we learn from Syyd:-

- How Syyd started in digital art.

- What has improved in the current Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 versions for texture artists.

- What were some of the early challenges when Syyd co-created Runtime DNA.

- The strengths of the international staff at Runtime. 

- All about the Runtime DNA community and how it was formed.

- The story of how her top two products were brought to market.

In association with Runtime DNA, we are creating a live conference for the Poser community, called "Poser Expo: Runtime Live". This will be a set of webinars held over the weekend of 22nd to the 24th of March. Sign up to our mailing list at 3D Art Live to learn more about this conference:-

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