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Welcome to session 6.

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In this session I interview a British artist called Deedee Davies  who creates some outstanding artwork with Carrara Pro, Vue, Poser Pro and Photoshop. We cover items such as how to create artwork with impact, selecting a good colour pallet with complimentary colours for an image, wrestling with Poser expressions, creating artwork for book covers and to top it all we talk about a vampire personality test; what type of vampire are you?

If you own Poser and are struggling with any aspect of this software by Smith-Micro, I'd like to invite you to a live webinar Poser workshop that will be held on Thursday September 27th at 20:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time). This is an open event for any aspect of Poser that you want to learn in more detail, which Les Garner from Sixus1Media will provide tuition for. Due to the nature of this event, it will have limited spaces available. For those attending, you will get a piece of free Poser content created by Les from his store, which you'll get a download link for during the webinar session.

To register go to and you'll see an Event Registration link at the top of the home page, or you'll see the event calendar in the side bar. 

For experienced digital artists that would like to partner with 3D Art Live and present webinars though our channel, please get in touch with me via the contact page at

I hope you enjoy the interview with Deedee and take a look at her portfolio at

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