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3DAD 005: All About ZBrush with Les Garner from Sixus1 Media

Les Garner, 12 years in the digital arts industry explains how he has  kept going during the ups and downs of his business Sixus1 Media.

We talk about ZBrush, which is one Les's core modelling applications in his workflow. We cover what ZBrush is and what makes it different from other modelling software.

We go over ZBrush's features of pixols and polypaint and it's advantage of producing models with a relativly low poly count but with high texture details - perfect for gaming models.

Listen to how ZBrush has made a fundamental difference to Sixus1Media's rate of production for models.

Discover Sixus1Media's top two recommended features of ZBrush and how they have been used in recent work. Les also reveals the top selling custom made and production proven brushes for ZBrush.

There's also a few key tips for those just starting out with ZBrush.

Finally there is a LIVE WEBINAR where you can get direct access to Les Garner for an introduction to ZBrush. This introduction will help you overcome the unique interface that many struggle with when they first learn ZBrush and give an overview of the most important basic concepts of this superb modelling application. There is a LIMITED number of places for the very first webinar. Get more information at where you can book your seat.

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