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Welcome to session 9 and I am super stoked to introduce an interview with Oshyan (Ocean) Greene, the business manager of Planetside Software, which creates the highly regarded Terragen software. We cover how Terragen started, how Oshyan got involved in working for Planetside after being involved as a community member and supporting the software.
For those of you who don’t know much about Terragen, I can tell you that If you like the idea of applying 3D graphics to create photo-realistic natural environments, then Terragen is definitely for you. Another upside of this software is if you go to and go to the products section, there is a free edition of Terragen2 as well as the original Terragen Classic. Both create natural realism for environments, but TG2 being the latest version, has the greater power and sophistication and it now sports the ability to create animations, where you can fly a virtual camera through your landscape and create a movie.
This month of December 2012, the 3D Art Direct podcast and the magazine is promoting Terragen and it’s community. So if you are a Terragen user and a community member at one of the forums and are listening to us for the first time, welcome to the podcast and I hope you enjoy the treats that we have in store for you.
The biggest treat I have for the Terragen community is that we are creating a live conference, called TERRALIVE for the Terragen 2 and Terragen Classic users on the 19th to the 20th of January 2013. You’ll have the opportunity to to connect with other Terragen users and expert artists in a live setting through the use of webinar software, so you won’t even have to arrange travel or accommodation to be at the conference. 
The advantage of this event, is that you can get to directly meet artists that you’ve previously only seen in a forum.  You’ll hear their voice and see their own computer desktops as they go through various techniques, tips and tricks to help you get the best out of the Terragen software. You can ask them, either through audio or by instant messaging points you don’t understand and get to learn much faster than ever before. 
There will be five sessions, each led by a different expert artist. We are pleased to include Martin Huisman AKA Tangeled Universe from New World Digital Arts ( which is a great resource for Terragen 2. 
IF you are going to take just one action from this podcast, I’d like you to note down this web address 
Here you can sign up for the introductory session of the conference  being held on the  earlier  date of Saturday the 5th of January at 08:00PM GMT. This webinar will give more details about the main conference event, but you’ll also meet Danny Gordon, moderator for a number of Terragen forums as well as Martin (Tangled Universe) and we’ll give some of their top tips
for Terragen 2 and Classic. Of course, you’ll also meet other members of the Terragen community .
Enjoy our interview with Ocean and listen out for the discount package on Terragen 2 that Ocean mentions at the end.
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My interview this session is with Shaun Williams, who is the king of mass space 

model production, creating numerous models for the various games software he has 

worked on through the 20 years of his career.

In assoication with this I have been reading today that there has been a 

noteworthy article from the U.K.'s independent newspaper announcing that the 

Museum of Modern Art in New York has publically supported computer games as a form 

of art. This of course includes 3D games. There has been a lively debate over the 

last decade of whether games can be described as art. With this announcement from 

this prestigous New York art museum, then it looks official, that games can be 

described as art.

Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art will soon see Pac-Man displayed alongside 

Andy Warhol and Picasso.

Initially there are 14 video games, including the iconic Pac-Man, Eve on-line and 

Myst (Chuck Carter issue 12). to start off this new category in its collection. 

One expert who advised the curators, said gaming could increasingly become “one of 

the most important” art forms.

The museum sought out scholars, historians, critics and legal experts from the 

computer game world to draw up a list that includes The Sims, a series which by 

last year had sold over 150 million copies. Art connoisseurs may raise an eyebrow 

as gamers will actually be able to play the titles in the gallery.

So perhaps in years to come, some of the work that my interviewee Shaun or you the 

listener is creating may end up in an Art Museum, with pride of place.

Enjoy the interview with Shaun

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Welcome to session 7

And a warm welcome to those who have just found the podcast via iTunes or elsewhere. After listening to this episode, I'd invite you to leave a brief review on iTunes and we'd welcome any feedback to improve the content or your experience of these sessions.

This session is called "Sci-Fi Spacecraft Design: Is It Really Rocket Science?"

I'm discussing this question with two special guests: Rob Caswell who we've previously interviewed as a DAZ Studio artist in Session 3 and secondly Tom Peters who likewise publishes artwork on DeviantArt. 

They've both worked as illustrators for games and Rob and Tom have had an on-going discussion on sci-fi spacecraft design for some time. 

The crux of the topic is whether more science should be involved in sci-fi ship design, or should we just go with cool looking ships that would end up burning up in the nearest atmosphere.

After listening to the discussion, I'd love to know your thoughts on sci-fi spacecraft design - are you more pro-science or pro-cool looking design in not worrying about the science or somewhere in between. 

You can do this by replying to the session 7 show notes at or visit us on Facebook at

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Welcome to session 6.

And a warm welcome to those who have just found the podcast via iTunes or elsewhere. After listening to this episode, I'd invite you to leave a brief review on iTunes and we'd welcome any feedback to improve the content or your experience of these sessions.

In this session I interview a British artist called Deedee Davies  who creates some outstanding artwork with Carrara Pro, Vue, Poser Pro and Photoshop. We cover items such as how to create artwork with impact, selecting a good colour pallet with complimentary colours for an image, wrestling with Poser expressions, creating artwork for book covers and to top it all we talk about a vampire personality test; what type of vampire are you?

If you own Poser and are struggling with any aspect of this software by Smith-Micro, I'd like to invite you to a live webinar Poser workshop that will be held on Thursday September 27th at 20:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time). This is an open event for any aspect of Poser that you want to learn in more detail, which Les Garner from Sixus1Media will provide tuition for. Due to the nature of this event, it will have limited spaces available. For those attending, you will get a piece of free Poser content created by Les from his store, which you'll get a download link for during the webinar session.

To register go to and you'll see an Event Registration link at the top of the home page, or you'll see the event calendar in the side bar. 

For experienced digital artists that would like to partner with 3D Art Live and present webinars though our channel, please get in touch with me via the contact page at

I hope you enjoy the interview with Deedee and take a look at her portfolio at

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3DAD 005: All About ZBrush with Les Garner from Sixus1 Media

Les Garner, 12 years in the digital arts industry explains how he has  kept going during the ups and downs of his business Sixus1 Media.

We talk about ZBrush, which is one Les's core modelling applications in his workflow. We cover what ZBrush is and what makes it different from other modelling software.

We go over ZBrush's features of pixols and polypaint and it's advantage of producing models with a relativly low poly count but with high texture details - perfect for gaming models.

Listen to how ZBrush has made a fundamental difference to Sixus1Media's rate of production for models.

Discover Sixus1Media's top two recommended features of ZBrush and how they have been used in recent work. Les also reveals the top selling custom made and production proven brushes for ZBrush.

There's also a few key tips for those just starting out with ZBrush.

Finally there is a LIVE WEBINAR where you can get direct access to Les Garner for an introduction to ZBrush. This introduction will help you overcome the unique interface that many struggle with when they first learn ZBrush and give an overview of the most important basic concepts of this superb modelling application. There is a LIMITED number of places for the very first webinar. Get more information at where you can book your seat.

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Suzi Amberson is from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. She worked in the Insurance industry for 24 years before discovering a passion for digital art. Once Suzi realized she was not following her intended path she took a huge leap of faith and left the Insurance business to pursue her enthusiasm for creating 3D art.

Suzi is a self-taught artist. She started out with Poser 6 in 2007. Her CG toolbox has expanded over the past few years and now includes Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5 Extended, a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet, Marvelous Designer 2, Hexagon and Bryce as her tools of choice.

She entered her first official art contest in 2009 over on the Daz3D website. The challenge was to create an image in the spirit of the infamous fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta. The final judging was conducted by Frank Frazetta Jr. One of her entries took third place and fuelled her desire to pursue 3D art as she sought to add interest and depth to her spectacular body of work.

The URL for Suzi’s gallery is

In the interview we cover:-

- How to generate new ideas for your artwork by creating an Influence Map

- The story of Suzi quitting her job to pursue a career in digital artwork. 

- Marvelous Designer 2

- What is steampunk and what attracts Suzi to this art genre.

- Suzi walks us through her favourite steam punk pieces.

- Making the most of DeviantArt.   

- Tips on getting lighting correct for a scene. 

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3DAD 003 : Science Fiction DAZ Studio Artist - Interview with Rob Caswell

Welcome to the 3D Art Direct Podcast Session 3

I’d like to introduce Rob Caswell, a DAZ 3D Studio artist who grew up during the space race and spent his time watching the Apollo moonshots as well as bat girl on TV, and then managed to avoid these distractions just enough to gain a degree in astronomy.

He has a popular space on DeviantArt, with the moniker as “Arcas-Art”, that includes a well written blog and gallery of renders created with DAZ 3D Studio and post processing with Photoshop.

Rob has a good grounding in multiple visual art zones, including science fiction & fantasy illustration for paper and pen RPGs, computer game art and comic book lettering.

Rob has a good selection of general Science Fiction and Star Trek Art in his portfolio, including mock up book covers. There's also some art based on a running theme of "Spy Girls". 

He’s currently living in Western Massachusetts, operating a digital print business.

In the interview we cover:-

- All about Star Trek mock-up Book Covers 

- The Spy Girls series with Rob's character “Cassie Blaine”. 

- A drawback of 3D Digital Art is that it is easy to have a lack of focus. You can “doodle” for a long time.

- Likening 3D digital art to “virtual photography”, taking elements that already exist and use these in a unique way from the artist’s own skills and imagination

- Figure work, the more you tweak, the better your chances of imbuing a sense of life and personality.

You can sign up for our free monthly digital arts magazine at
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3D Art Direct Podcast Session 2 : Nine Essential Composition Tips for Digital Artists

Welcome to the 3D Art Direct Podcast Session 2

Session 2 includes Nine Essential Composition Tips for Digital Artists, a special offer of a 70% reduction on Poser version 8, an editorial on collaborative art and the promotion of those artists covered in our free monthly magazine of issue 17, including Bjorn Malmberg (Poser, Hexagaon and Vue), Ryan Malone (Poser and Vue), Lewis Moorcroft (Mojoworld) and Glenn Clovis (Photoshop).

Sign up to get our free monthly on-line magazine at

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3D Art Direct Podcast Session 1 : Inspiration and Promotion for 3D Digital Artists in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genres

Welcome to the 3D Art Direct Podcast Session 1

In this session we introduce 3D Art Direct's mission statement to help and inspire 3D digital artists. There's a brief introduction about me, Paul Bussey, the editor of 3D Art Direct magazine, and I promote four artists published in issue 16 of our magazine, Tarik Keskin, Neil Thacker, DeeDee Davies and Les Garner from Sixus1 Media.

There's a tribute to Ralph McQuarrie who inspired many a digital artist and we paint a potted history of his involvement with George Lucas and Star Wars in his influence on the eventual box office success of this movie and its sequels.



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