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Welcome to session 9 and I am super stoked to introduce an interview with Oshyan (Ocean) Greene, the business manager of Planetside Software, which creates the highly regarded Terragen software. We cover how Terragen started, how Oshyan got involved in working for Planetside after being involved as a community member and supporting the software.
For those of you who don’t know much about Terragen, I can tell you that If you like the idea of applying 3D graphics to create photo-realistic natural environments, then Terragen is definitely for you. Another upside of this software is if you go to and go to the products section, there is a free edition of Terragen2 as well as the original Terragen Classic. Both create natural realism for environments, but TG2 being the latest version, has the greater power and sophistication and it now sports the ability to create animations, where you can fly a virtual camera through your landscape and create a movie.
This month of December 2012, the 3D Art Direct podcast and the magazine is promoting Terragen and it’s community. So if you are a Terragen user and a community member at one of the forums and are listening to us for the first time, welcome to the podcast and I hope you enjoy the treats that we have in store for you.
The biggest treat I have for the Terragen community is that we are creating a live conference, called TERRALIVE for the Terragen 2 and Terragen Classic users on the 19th to the 20th of January 2013. You’ll have the opportunity to to connect with other Terragen users and expert artists in a live setting through the use of webinar software, so you won’t even have to arrange travel or accommodation to be at the conference. 
The advantage of this event, is that you can get to directly meet artists that you’ve previously only seen in a forum.  You’ll hear their voice and see their own computer desktops as they go through various techniques, tips and tricks to help you get the best out of the Terragen software. You can ask them, either through audio or by instant messaging points you don’t understand and get to learn much faster than ever before. 
There will be five sessions, each led by a different expert artist. We are pleased to include Martin Huisman AKA Tangeled Universe from New World Digital Arts ( which is a great resource for Terragen 2. 
IF you are going to take just one action from this podcast, I’d like you to note down this web address 
Here you can sign up for the introductory session of the conference  being held on the  earlier  date of Saturday the 5th of January at 08:00PM GMT. This webinar will give more details about the main conference event, but you’ll also meet Danny Gordon, moderator for a number of Terragen forums as well as Martin (Tangled Universe) and we’ll give some of their top tips
for Terragen 2 and Classic. Of course, you’ll also meet other members of the Terragen community .
Enjoy our interview with Ocean and listen out for the discount package on Terragen 2 that Ocean mentions at the end.
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