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Welcome to session 29 where we talk to Eric VanDycke (also known as Traveler) who is a partner and the Web Site manager at Runtime DNA

RuntimeDNA is a large and thriving digital community chiefly for Poser. It provides a wide selection of digital content and provides a great learning environment for its members with a very active forum who are from all over the world. A large user art gallery also reflects the vibrant community.  The store boasts over 5000 products with more than 100 content creators.

His 3D roots stretch all the way back to Bryce and the early days of Poser. Eric has been involved with numerous releases of Poser and other software packages used by the community.  So we’ll be interviewing Eric in-depth in this episode and he’s also very much involved with the Poser Expo 3 conference. 

Poser Expo 3 is a live on-line conference for users of Poser and Poser Pro. It’s one of 3D Art Live’s biggest events of the year boasting eight 1.5 hour sessions with leading figures and content creators from the Poser industry. This webinar based conference is on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of October.  

Poser Expo 3 is about connecting and interacting live with professional artists and content creators. You can use instant chat, ask audio questions and see techniques and problems get solved step by step by presenters who will be sharing their desktops live as they share their experience. You can also interact with the other attendees  in the room as well.

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