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3DAD 016 : Poser Pro Custom Clothing Creation with Sergio Martinez from Xurge3D

Sergio Martinez from Xurge3D creates custom outfits for Poser. As a content creator for Poser, Sergio has invested many years in this application, starting out with Poser 4 back in 1999. His specialisation is in fantasy and sci-fi outfits which fits right in with 3D Art Direct’s coverage of the sci-fi and fantasy genres in the 3D Digital Arts world.

Ever wondered how to create Poser accessories and clothing? Sergio will reveal step by step how he creates his custom clothing with his three part live webinar conference on Saturday 8th and 9th June 2013. Go to to register.

In this episode we learn:

- What got Sergio hooked into Poser clothing content creation. 

- What were some of the most difficult challenges you had to overcome when bringing his content to market.

- Find out which Poser character continues to attract the most sales for Xurge3D.

- What is “conforming clothing.” for Poser. 

– What’s the difference between “dynamic clothing” and “conforming clothing.”

- What’s been the most satisfying product for Sergio to create and why?

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- Where have some of Sergio's influences come for clothing design.

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