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This session we have a fantastic interview with Clint Hawkins, who is the CEO of YUR Digital, a content marketplace website that also offers a forum and art gallery for digital artists. YUR hosts regular competitions and there is one running now at with the theme “twisted” with first prize of “Filter Forge Professional 3”.

As we go into March, we have the world’s first Poser on-line conference. If you catch this podcast before March 2nd 2013, you can sign up for a free introductory webinar at We will have a number of highly skilled presenters offering nine different tips for Poser and Poser Pro users. The introductory webinar includes details of the main Poser conference which will be on the 22nd-24th of March with at least 10 webinars on topics such as Morphing, Rigging, Reality3, Z Brush, UV Mapping, lighting and mastering the materials room.

Who will be presenting?

Included is Traveler from Runtime DNA, Les Garner from Sixus 1, Nightsong, Arki, Lady Littlefox, Phil C, Sergio from Xurge 3D, Chuck Taylor (Nerd 3D) and Ray Phelps.


You can get tickets while they are still available at the website in the “Event Registration” area. So if you are a Poser  or Poser Pro user, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with other users and meet some leading artists and content creators for Poser.


So I’d like to get into the main feature with my interview with Clint. If you’ve enjoyed this podcast and found it a valuable or enjoyable interview, please leave a review in iTunes to help other digital artists find this podcast and let me know some of your suggestions of who you would like to be interviewed in a future session.

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