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My interview this session is with Shaun Williams, who is the king of mass space 

model production, creating numerous models for the various games software he has 

worked on through the 20 years of his career.

In assoication with this I have been reading today that there has been a 

noteworthy article from the U.K.'s independent newspaper announcing that the 

Museum of Modern Art in New York has publically supported computer games as a form 

of art. This of course includes 3D games. There has been a lively debate over the 

last decade of whether games can be described as art. With this announcement from 

this prestigous New York art museum, then it looks official, that games can be 

described as art.

Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art will soon see Pac-Man displayed alongside 

Andy Warhol and Picasso.

Initially there are 14 video games, including the iconic Pac-Man, Eve on-line and 

Myst (Chuck Carter issue 12). to start off this new category in its collection. 

One expert who advised the curators, said gaming could increasingly become “one of 

the most important” art forms.

The museum sought out scholars, historians, critics and legal experts from the 

computer game world to draw up a list that includes The Sims, a series which by 

last year had sold over 150 million copies. Art connoisseurs may raise an eyebrow 

as gamers will actually be able to play the titles in the gallery.

So perhaps in years to come, some of the work that my interviewee Shaun or you the 

listener is creating may end up in an Art Museum, with pride of place.

Enjoy the interview with Shaun

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